"Discover How to Easily Make a LOT of Money
(With Our NO Risk Better Than Money Back Guarantee)
Sharing a Very Unique Service That Meets the #1 Need for Virtually ANY Business Marketing Anything"
Why This is Such a Huge Opportunity
Since 1999, Priceless Possibilities has helped 150,194 businesses and entrepreneurs (growing daily) to leverage the Internet with our powerful marketing system. We recently had a major breakthrough and created a powerful feature that meets the #1 Need for Virtually Every Business Owner and Entrepreneur.

This feature will even help businesses leverage the explosion of Social Media making this a huge opportunity for them to grow their business and for you to make a lot of money.

"Social media is like a snowball rolling down the hill. It’s picking up speed. Five years from now, it’s going to be the standard." – Jeff Antaya, chief marketing officer of Plante Moran

Our NO Risk Better Than Money Back Guarantee

Receive the Following Bonuses:

  • 5000 Unique Leads - $10,000 value
  • 500 Leads Per Month for a Year - $12,000 Value
  • 52 calls with your prospects (over the year) - $10,000 Value
  • Better Than Money Back Guarantee

Better Than Money Back Guarantee as follows - We guarantee that after 1 year of you becoming an affiliate, if for any reason you want your 1 time fee refunded, then we'll do so with a written notice within 7 days prior to your 1 year anniversary date of becoming an affiliate. We will send the refund within 7 days of the receipt of your notice.

You have the 1 requirement that you set up and attend the minimum number (52) of 1-on-1 calls with your prospects that we're willing to do for you throughout the year. You get to keep all commission earned during the year and all unique leads provided ($22,000 Value), but if you decide to ask for a 100% refund, then you will give up any ongoing commission after that point.
Why This Offer is Limited For Just a Select Few

We are committed to getting massive exposure to our service so we can quickly become the #1 marketing solution for businesses leveraging the internet to grow their business.

In exchange for funding to use toward massive exposure of our service, we are offering a Huge Financial Return based on sales of our service, yet we make it Very Easy for you to Get Others who have a large list of our ideal clients to promote our service for you.

We are raising just $500,000 (currently at $379,000) to gain massive exposure, and therefore, our Very Limited Offer (details below) has a huge financial return for a select few individuals (called Contributor Affiliates).

Potential for Businesses Using Our Service
Virtually any business owner who wants a larger list of clients and prospects would benefit from using our service. There is such a huge potential because most businesses aren't capturing the contact information of their prospects and customers. As well, they aren't leveraging technology to increase exposure to their list of contacts.

It doesn't matter if a business owner is a real estate agent, involved in a home based business, or a non profit organiztion...they all need to grow their list of prospects and clients to make more money. Even if they are using methods to capture prospects' contact information, they aren't doing it in a way that will dramatically increase the number of people they can capture (like we provide), nor do they have the powerful automated tools we offer at such a low price.

Why Social Media Will Help Explode This Opportunity For You!
The Social Media Industry:
  • There are Hundreds of Millions of people using Social Media websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn just to mention a few.
  • Many people are now using social media sites to attract new prospects and create exposure for their business.
  • Virtually nobody using a social media site is capturing the contact information of visitors
  • Most businesses (85%) have less than 25 employees and therefore don’t have the resources, or experience to leverage the internet and Social Media to build their business but they NEED and WANT to.
"We're still in the process of picking ourselves up off the floor after witnessing firsthand the fact that a 16-year-old YouTuber can deliver us 3 times the traffic in a couple of days that some excellent traditional media coverage has over 5 months." - Michael Fox, founder of Shoes of Prey

Why Price Isn't an Objection for Members

We allow anyone to try our service with a Risk FREE, No Obligation FREE Trial. Then they can use it as long as they like with NO Contract so they can discontinue any time they want ... so the bottom line there's No Risk to try our service. Then Our montly fee is just $29.97 per month ... what's $29.97 per month to a business owner? Price is no objection once they see all we have to offer.

There is a strong motivation for members using our service to refer others because we will waive their monthly fee when they refer other paying members. We have a Refer 3 & Its Free (but to make it VERY EASY for you to make a LOT of money, we're allowing you to let Members get their service Free with JUST 1 paying referral! We've never allowed this since we've been creating online systems since 1999)!

Also, due to the Private nature of our compensation program, members don't know anything about commission earned by you so the commission on Every Paying Member under you all rolls up to you!

Our Unique Contributor Affiliate Opportunity Allows you to Easily Earn Over 50% Return Per MONTH on Just 1 Strategy PLUS a LOT More When Others Do the Selling for YOU!

For the first time ever we are empowering our affiliates the ability to offer a 30 day Free Trial and a Refer 1 & It's Free. For the last 11 years we have only offered a 7 day Free Trial and a Refer 3 & It's Free. Our Contributor Affiliates will receive an allotment of 500 Members that can use our special offer of a 30 day Free Trial and a Refer 1 and its Free. Here is what that can mean to you in terms of income...

Contributor Affiliates earn a Minimum of $13 per paying member and with 500 paying members @ $13/Member/Month...that is a Passive Residual Income of $6500 Per Month.

Because our system is so valuable, all that's needed to quickly get 500 paying Members is to have a few key people introduce our system to their list. For example, a real estate broker with many agents would benefit by having their agents use our system to help them sell more homes. As well, network marketing leaders would benefit by having their distributors use our system. Most every business niche will have a leader in charge of team of sales people that would benefit from using our system so the possibilities are limitless. Because each Contributor Affiliate has a Limited number of Members that can use our system Free for 30 days and keep it Free Forever with just 1 paying referral, it is easy to create a REAL sense of urgency for their potential members to sign up.

Below you will see yet another powerful marketing strategy to boost your earning potential even more Without Any Personal Selling!

Discover How To Make a Lot More $ and Easily Get Others to Sell For You

As a Contributor Affiliate, you can also EASILY get 500 people to market our service for you by gifting them our Account Executive position for Free. We call this a Free Account Executive, or FAE, and is very valuable because others have to pay $497 to become an Account Executive.

A Free Account Executive can use our system Free for Life with Just 1 paying referral AND they Also can market our service to Members and earn $8 per paying member for anyone they introduce to our system PLUS anyone those members refer all the way to infinity!

This can be HUGE for FAEs making it easy for you to attract a team of 500 FAEs. You will earn a $5 override per month on every paying member under each FAE to infinity.
Watch the following video to see why FREE Account Executives (FAEs) will be highly motivated to do the selling for you!

With today's economy, a record number of people are either unemployed or underemployed. Many are looking for a way to earn income (especially from home), but don't want anything to do with network marketing. They don't want to have to buy some high priced item each month and prospect their family and friends.

We have NO Monthly Fees for our Privates Affiliates Ever so doesn't it make sense that in today's economy with so many people looking for work, that our Free Account Executive Position with its very unique Private Affiliate Program would be something HIGHLY desired by many people especially when they can get it for FREE?

Remember, we have been charging $497 for the Account Executive position for years so the ability to Now Give Away the Account Executive Position for FREE is NEW and allows you to Quickly Build a Large Team of 500 people under you to do the selling for you!

Plus we have Millions of prospects for our service along with viral tools for Members to refer other Members so your income will grow through the efforts of others! We offer a REAL service (NOT MLM) that is highly needed that addresses the #1 need of millions of people.

Imagine Having MANY Successful FAE's Like Rick Building This Business For You
Potential Income Sharing Our Service

Income from You Marketing Our Service to 500 Potential Members

Contributor Affiliate receives the ability to market 500 memberships with a 30 day Free Trial and a Refer 1 and its Free.

500 memberships @ $13/member/month = $6,500 Per Month.

Income from Others Marketing Our Service for You

Contribution receives 500 FAE positions (Example Assumes each FAE enroll just 3 Members ever)

1500 Members enrolled by FAE's x $5 Each = $7,500 Per Month

Total Income from the example above would be the following:

$7,500 + $6,500 for a total of $14,000/Month = $168,000/Year Passive Residual Income

But let's be VERY conservative...what if you just did 10% (or had just 50 Members you personally enroll, plus just 50 FAEs getting just 3 paying members each) ... then you'd earn 10% of $168,000 = $16,800 per year Passive Residual Income!

Remember, you can bring on a LOT more Members personally with our standard 7 day Free Trial and Refer 3 & Its Free AND Members can easily refer other members so they get their monthly fee waived. As well, your FAEs can bring on a LOT more than 3 paying members as listed in the example above.

This example is based on you making a $12,500 contribution. You can earn a lot more money by contributing more or referring others (see charts below) as it will allow you to earn more commission, as well as have more FAEs and more Members that can use our system with our 30 day Free Trial and Refer 1 & It's Free.
Discover How to Quickly & Easily Increase Your Earnings
Refer Other Contributors: By referring other contributors you will be able to get a higher return because we will combine the contributors together and give each of you the higher return as if you had each contributed the higher volume.

For example, let’s say you contribute $12,500 and then refer us Sally who also contributes $12,500. We would lump your contribution with Sally’s contribution for a total contribution of $25,000. Instead of you and Sally each getting $13 per member (see chart below) for unlimited levels + 500 FAEs, we will give each of you $14 per member + 750 FAE's and 750 Memberships with a 30 day Free Trial and a refer 1 & it's Free... so you benefit by referring us other contributors.

# of FAEs
# of Members w/ 30 day Trial & Refer 1 it's Free
Earnings per Member

2000 FAE
2000 Members w/ 30 Day
$16 Per Member
1000 FAE
1000 Members w/ 30 Day
$15 Per Member
750 FAE
750 Members w/ 30 Day
$14 Per Member
500 FAE
500 Members w/ 30 Day
$13 Per Member
* Earnings Per Member is Paid Forever and for Unlimited Levels

** This opportunity is only valid until the $500,000 has been raised and then it will no longer be available. If you are interested, give us a call now before it's too late.
Click on the Image Below to See How You Can Easily Find an Unlimited Number of Members & FREE Account Executives

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About the Social Media List Builder
Click Here to See What Members Get For Just $29.97/Mth & FREE with 3 Paying Referrals
Key Points To Consider

  • Our unique feature called the “Floating Capture Form” can suddenly appear on top of virtually any website to capture the contact information of visitors (including Social Media Sites).
  • Members also receive Automated follow up to their prospects increasing exposure
  • There is NO set up fee and a FREE 7-day trial to use our service (Contributors get 500 memberships to offer with a 30 day Free Trial and a refer 1 and its Free)
  • Our service is very inexpensive (just $29.97 per month)
  • Members can easily get our service FREE each month with just 3 paying referrals
  • Members don’t know anything about our compensation making you a lot more $
  • Anyone can use our system without knowing any programming ... if they can use email, they can use our system.
  • Our service has more features for less money than any other comparable service.
  • Remember, you can offer a Refer 1 and its FREE policy to 500 Members and with millions of potential businesses who need our service and with the explosive growth of Social Media this could spread WAY beyond the example given above. Potential Members have a REAL sense of urgency to try our service with our 30 day Free Trial and Refer 1 & It's Free. At our $12,500 contributor level, you get 500 Memberships with our special 30 day Free Trial and Refer 1 & It's Free making you $13 per paying member per month or $6500 per month passive residual income!
  • Even clients with very little experience online can refer at least 1 new member because an average user on facebook has 130 friends and we provide tools to easily share our service even if people are not on Social Media sites.
  • FREE Account Executives (FAEs) have a HUGE income potential (watch compensation video above if you have not viewed yet). At our $12,500 contributor level, you also get to gift 500 people our Account Executive Position for FREE. With just 3 paying members per FAE, you would earn $7500 per month passive residual income! You should identify Key Individuals with large contact lists in their niche so they can bring on many members quickly.

Here's What's Included to Ensure Your Success:

It should be clear that this is a VERY lucrative offer with Unlimited Income potential. This offer is Limited and will no longer be available once we have raised $500,000 which we literally expect to occur within a few weeks. We invite you to get any questions answered now by entering your information below.
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