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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are there any contracts required?
No, there are NO contracts, so you can use our system as long as you'd like and cancel at any time.

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Q: Can the monthly fee ever increase?
Yes, BUT when you sign up today, we will grandfather you in at this Low Limited Time Offer Pricing and NEVER change your monthly fee & you can even Easily Get Your Monthly Fee Waived Each Month!

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Q: How can I get my monthly fee waived?
Every month you have 3 paying referrals (can even be the same 3 people each month) then we waive your monthly fee. So, just refer others and you can easily use our system for FREE Each Month!
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Q: Can This Build a List on Any Website or Just My Social Media Websites?
The Social Media List Builder can help you build a list on ANY website. As a matter of fact it can help you build a list even if you don't have a website!

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Q: Can I Easily Add Video to Your Features?
Yes you can add video to several of our features including, Capture Pages. Sales Pages, Video Email, and Floating Capture Forms. We even include a library of videos for you to chose from or you can use your own.

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Q: I have another Autoresponder program. Do I still need it?
No, but that is up to you. We do integrate with some other Autoresponder services but what is so great about the Social Media List Builder is that you not only get an Autoresponder you get 100 times more for the same or less than you are paying elsewhere for just that one feature. Get ALL your marketing tools under 1 roof for one LOW price and Easily FREE!

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Q: Do I need any special computer skills to use this system?
Absolutely not! Our system is so easy to operate even a child could use it. We have made it ABC – 123 simple with easy to follow instructional videos that will have you up and running in minutes! We have done most of the work for you!

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Q: How Much Time Will I have to Dedicate to this?
We are talking minutes and hours per Month NOT days and weeks. Of course the more you put in the more you get out…It’s kind of like having a license to print money.

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Q: Can I make changes to the content within the Social Media List Builder?
YES. You have full editorial control over all of the emails that go out with your Social Media List Builder. You can use our emails or create your own or even edit ours its up to you. You can initiate messages on auto pilot or whenever you want and customize too. This way all of the messages you send can perfectly represent can even create and edit sales pages and capture pages.

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Q: Will someone be available to help me get started?
We have a Customer Support Team you can access at any time and can help you get set up and on track quickly…but my guess is you won’t even need them…it’s that simple to use!

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